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Benefital Figd



Benefits of dried figs
The Dired Fig, Besides being a benefitial nourishment, highly produced in Turkey. As TOROSLULAR our love of “FIG” is a heritage from our grand fathers. Totally for 44 years our family company is producing and selling figs like a soverreignity. Presently MR.MEHMET CELAL ATAKUL is in charge of company. We are selling and distributing dried figs to the whole of Turkey, also we are undertaking the exportation.

     The process of cultivation is along story starting in the earth and ending in our meal table.

Figs  can be seen in pictures :

: This is a disinfection process takes one day time after figs taken from productors after being dried and after being derived from worm and other insects to keep the fig in long term  resistant.

: Figs are separated in three size that are “big.medium and small”in order to prevent difficulities in operation. The small sized figs  are taken for mashing,as a matter of fact that they are not preferable for concuming, the rest encounter the  processing.

OPERATION PROCESS: Figs are being operated ,according to our customers demand.Other than “Poured figs ” processed hands free,We have also “GARLAND;PROTOBEN;PULB sorts“ present in different sizes in hygenic conditions perfectly being produced.

: Thanks to latest technology in packing  and labelling, it is more practical and easthetic in sight according to the taste of our customer

CONTROL: Is delivered in the latest day of production process in which the last controls are made and admission of Turkish Ministry  approved


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